Dan Curtis (full)

Danielle Curtis, Exhibition Director, RTE Middle East

How did you get into the events industry?

I studied Business and Travel Management at University, so whilst taking a gap year to find my career path I travelled extensively around Europe. This is when I found my passion for the hospitality industry, working my way up in 3, 4 and 5-star hotels. From coordinating events in hotels and managing corporate and incentive groups for a tour operator to heading up sales departments for hotel clusters, this was really my first foray into the vibrant events industry. I instantly loved it and have spent the rest of my career in the meetings, events, travel and hospitality sector in sales and event management roles.

Favourite thing about events?

It’s such a fast-paced industry that I’m always learning something new. You can never rest on your laurels – there’s always a new piece of technology or a new way of thinking that changes the way we can do things – that keeps me really motivated and inspired.

What do you think you can bring to the role?

Significant experience across the industry, including with Reed Travel Exhibitions and IBTM, as well as a passion for people and for this part of the world. My career means that I really understand what it’s like to be on both sides of the fence – as an exhibitor and an event producer and I think that stands me in good stead to deliver events that really make a difference to our clients’ businesses.

First job of the day?

Catching up on news alerts and social feeds -  there is so much happening all the time! Working across different time zones means it’s important that I manage my day effectively, especially as our team are located in both the UK and Dubai.

What do you really enjoy about working in the Middle East?

Again, it all comes down to the fact that there’s always something new and exciting happening here. From new events, to new hotels and venues, to entire cities and countries opening up for business. It certainly keeps you on your toes. Also, the business culture is very sociable – there’s real emphasis placed on getting to know each other before doing business so it does make for a very interesting and friendly environment – you really end up with strong and meaningful relationships with the people you’re working with which is wonderful.

Dream job?

I love being a mum and equally love building on my career path, finding the right balance of both is the dream job!