Issue Five

  • IBTM Insight - Issue 5


    In this very special edition, you’ll find articles dedicated to these themes, along with some interesting tips on how you can make your meetings more productive, and a guest article from our friends over at The Joint Meetings Industry Council (JMIC).

    First though, after realising just how many acronyms we use in the MICE industry, we’ve taken the initiative to publish a ‘jargon-buster’ for those of you who are newbies – whether it’s looking up the meaning of IBTM, JMIC, or NTOs, we hope you’ll find this useful.

  • MICE industry jargon-buster

    The conferences, meetings and events industry has more than its fair share of organisations known only by their initials - so if the phrase, “IBTM is supported by SITE, ICCA, IAPCO and many more MICE associations,” leaves you feeling a little light-headed, then you might want to read on; this jargon-busting list provides just the clarification you need.

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  • This Amazon CEO shares his tips for getting more out of meetings

    Bad meetings: We’ve all experienced them. Whether it’s poor planning, too much talking, or lack of preparation, bad meetings waste precious time and money.

    But Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos may have cracked the code for making meetings more productive. By means of his annual letter to shareholders, as well as a recent interview, Bezos gave some insight into what the Amazon meeting culture looks like.

    It all comes down to following three simple rules...

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  • The trend set to transform incentive travel

    Incentive travel is a long-established motivational reward for employee achievement and improvement. It is known for strengthening bonds, helping employees to feel a sense of company pride, and for increasing loyalty.

    Traditionally, incentive travel involves more lavish experiences such as glamourous gala dinners or behind the scenes tours of museums or sports stadiums.

    Now, an up-and-coming trend is challenging the norm...

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  • JMIC to expand as long-tail movement accelerates

    Over the past decade the Business and Professional Events Industry has refined its value proposition to policymakers and local communities which fund much of the physical infrastructure and destination marketing relied upon to bid for, and host, business events.

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  • The problem with productivity… (and it’s not what you think)

    Ask any CEO or FD about the things they worry about most, and the likelihood is that ‘productivity’ is towards the top of their list.

    Why? Well, the fact of the matter is, Britain has a longstanding ‘productivity problem’. Last year an All Party Parliamentary report concluded that UK output, on a per-hourly basis, was 17% lower than the G7 average.

    Not only is this the widest it has been since 1992, but overall output per worker is 19% lower...

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