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  • How to Cope During Times of Unprecedented Change

    Wednesday 8th April 15:00pm GMT with Gary Bradt

    As a global community, we are going through a time of unprecedented change and disruption. Together, we will get through it. This presentation will give you tips on how. We will cover two main areas: how to manage yourself and how to lead others. You will learn science-backed practices that you can immediately employ to combat stress and anxiety. You will learn principles and practices for guiding others through change both at work and at home. Finally, you will have a chance to ask questions to address your specific areas of concern. Change is hard because it’s hard. We hope this presentation will make it just a little bit easier. Register below for this seminar.

  • Meet our speakers:

    Gary Bradt

    Gary Bradt is a clinical psychologist, business owner, author and keynote speaker. He specialises in teaching companies practical skills to help them change faster and better using positive psychology.

    Gary got his start as a leadership speaker on change when Dr. Spencer Johnson chose him to be the leading speaker worldwide for Johnson's phenomenal best seller 'Who Moved My Cheese?'.

    Four years and over one hundred presentations later, Gary realised the fundamental question was not whether to change, but how. For the two decades since, he has dedicated his career to helping people answer that question.

  • Helen Moon

    Helen Moon is a CIM qualified Marketing & Communications Manager with an eclectic mix of experience in the events industry that spans 20 years and includes event production, venue operations, proactive sales and digital marketing.

    Helen understands first-hand the busy role of an event professional and the impact this can have on our mental health, founding EventWell Ltd, and Event Wellbeing Week in 2017.

    As a mental health influencer she has spoken regularly at IBTM World on the subject of self-care and the importance of building resilience as event professionals.