AUDIO: Brain Power

  • Presenters: Diane Devitt, Dr Cindy Ackrill MD

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    Brain Power:

    Bring Your Own Brain (BYOB) to this interactive session as we walk through the steps and elements of strategic meeting and event design from your brain's perspective. We have 100 billion neurons in our little three pound brains. It's the firing and wiring together of these neurons that create every aspect of the experience of your event. So let's explore how and why creativity and emotional connection can be tapped to take the impact of your event to the next level and the effects of deliberate choices when properly styling a live experience.

    You will learn:
    • About the interplay of the brain with effective meeting and event design    How brain power can be lost to poor meeting design
    • Understand how emotional connections increase results
    • Understand how every detail and every small choice causes a reaction and action of your attendees
    • How to create a template or storyboard to tell your story