AUDIO: The Art of Engagement

  • Presenter: Greg Fuson, Principal, Artful Engagement

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    The Art of Engagement

    Engagement is a hot topic for meetings, as groups seek to inspire a more active, committed following. But do we really understand how this transpires on a deeper, emotional level? What is it about some ideas, brands, organizations and events that make them not just appealing, but powerfully, enduringly resonant? Elite conferences (TED, The Nantucket Project and Renaissance Weekend, to name a few) do two things exceptionally well: create vibrant communities that people are drawn to, and deliver adult learning in a way that’s rich, experiential and memorable. While there’s no one-size-fits-all recipe for engagement, there are ingredients — and any organization can use them if they’re willing to experiment.

    Learner outcomes:

    • How to build deeper levels of engagement into your meeting through purpose and personality
    • How to make learning stickier by linking it to emotional, evocative experiences
    • Ways of implementing these approaches regardless of the size of your event — or your budget