AUDIO: Negotiations (part 1)

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    Presenter: Maurice Schweitzer, Associate Professor of Operations and Information Management, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School

    Strong negotiation skills are imperative in our industry – they often pave the path to success for both you and your organization.

    PCMA and University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business team up to sharpen your business acumen with a dynamic negotiation skills program.

    This highly structured and interactive workshop led by Maurice Schweitzer, Wharton School Associate Professor of Operations and Information Management, focuses on deciding when to negotiate and the relative advantage of using differing methods to frame the negotiation. You’ll explore the latest practice and theory on negotiation, such as perceptions of fairness and emotions, and how these principles influence negotiations.

    Through your participation you will experience the hands-on practice of negotiation principles with a variety of partners, allowing you to interact with and respond to a broad range of negotiating styles and gain immediate feedback on approaches and results. 

    You’ll depart armed with a proven systematic process for approaching negotiations, experience navigating the tension between cooperation and competition and a deeper understanding of how personal styles affect negotiating outcomes.

    1. Identify key negotiation principles and practices
    2. Determine the appropriate method to frame each negotiation
    3. Recognize how personal style affects negotiating outcomes