Logo Terms

By downloading and using any ibtm events logos you agree to the below terms of use and to ensure logos are not used in a way that contravenes the ibtm events brand guidelines:

1. All logos must be used in full without adjustment or alteration.

2. The diamond/circle must always be used in conjunction with the wording and is not to be used on its own or cropped in any way.

3. All logos are owned by and copyright of ibtm events and the ibtm trade mark is owned and protected by Reed Elsevier Properties SA and Reed Exhibitions Limited uses such trade mark under license.

4. Logos can be used in a vertical or horizontal format as provided.

5. Permission to use any ibtm events logos for any purpose should be requested via ibtmevents@reedexpo.co.uk

6. For more information on ibtm events brand guidelines please contact ibtmevents@reedexpo.co.uk