CIBTM - Wraps up

IBTM Events, 05 Oct 2012 10:54

Craig Moyes
Portfolio Director Meetings/Incentives/Business

There aren’t too many China statistics left that we don’t know about because when it comes to numbers everything is on a very large scale. CIBTM which took place in Beijing last month created its own records with the largest number of exhibitors and the largest number of Chinese Hosted Buyers - something which has taken a great deal of work to achieve.

Five years ago it would have been hard to find local Chinese who were professionally involved in the MICE sector as they weren’t aware they even worked in it. However, things have moved on very fast and since our first show, we are now welcoming individuals who not only contribute to our successful education programme onsite as speakers, but we also have a significant increase in the numbers of professionals operating in the sector who are making a significant impact on the “outbound” Chinese meetings industry – of course these are who our international and regional exhibitors want to meet and do business with.

Prof Liu Duke from the Convention and Exhibition Research Center of Beijing International Studies University was one of the first people in China to start education for the convention, exhibition and meetings business in the country. He attended CIBTM this year as a speaker and talked about how, over the past decade, because travel agencies have watched how the MICE industry has grown and seen the prosperity it has delivered, they are now helping their clients by extending their business model to provide meetings management, planning and logistics.

We also listened to Sun Weijia, Vice Chairman of Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism talk about how the value of the MICE industry to his city is a remarkable 7.8billion RMB . Direct return on investment from exhibitions reached 21.28 billion RMB in 2011 and last year saw 40% more MICE visitors to the City.

With the emergence of 2nd and 3rd tier cities now in China the growth is clearly exponential and we see a dynamic industry with many more stories to tell. So until next year in Beijing, we are bringing this market to Europe with our second China Summit at this year’s EIBTM. If you want to learn more about how to succeed in China, what it takes to win business and what a difference it can make, then make sure you join us from 27-29 November in Barcelona.

CIBTM 2013 takes place from 2 - 4 September, visit for more details.