IBTM Events, 29 Nov 2012 12:19

Craig Moyes
Portfolio Director Meetings/Incentives/Business

This year’s EIBTM may be celebrating 25 years but it has also been a futuristic experience with the buzz of the world of technology and social media featuring in almost every part of the show.

We watched as the use of our #eibtm25 hashtag reached over 500 unique users a day with literally thousands tweeting every two minutes. For the first time we uploaded events as they happened from the show floor onto EIBTM YouTube channel.

Engaging with a proportion of an event’s target audience that isn’t able to attend is now possible through Hybrid Events and our first one happened this week. We created a blend of keynote panel discussions and educational seminars and had hundreds register for the online part of the event with super levels of online activity. In fact our twitter activity connected with 26,800 followers via #EIBTMhybrid and over 71,000 impressions. Here’s a couple of views tweeted during the event

@gaganovakovic -Attending #EIBTMHybrid from Serbia! Great!

@elizabethglau - Viewing sessions streaming live from Barcelona at #eibtm25 #eibtmhybrid from Los Angeles, California at midnight!

And demonstrating the technology of the future at the FEE (Future Events Experience) we now know that at any of our portfolio of events we can offer virtual press conferences, holographic representations of our team, video-enabled business cards and even onsite press announcements appearing from thin air.

For the first time we have even entered the world of augmented reality with our own virtual sales brochure popping out from the handsets and tablets of our team! So that’s just a taste of things to come and to start your journey into the future of our events go to www.ibtmevents.com