Flash Mob not Flash Dance in Melbourne

IBTM Events, 15 Feb 2011 10:30

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Over the years, like me you may have been to many event 'welcome parties'. So, what do to different to make your event more memorable and exciting.

Well it helps to have a beach, great weather, cold beer, beautiful sunset and cool sounds. Add that to a flash mob (what's that I hear you say)and you have a recipe for success.

So there we all were on the beach and out of nowhere came the 'mob', a brilliant dance troupe of 40 or so with a 7/8 minute routine set to great music. It was a great performance and all the guests loved it.

I guess we are all searching for new ways of welcoming our guests and leaving them with a great reminder of why they should come back. A little bit of creative thinking goes a long way