Positivity at AIME’s The Business Events Forum

IBTM Events, 22 Feb 2012 09:08

AIME really couldn’t have started on a more positive note than that presented by Phil Ruthven from IBISWorld at the Business Events Forum this morning when he shared his personal forecast for the meetings and incentives industry as well as a general overview of the world’s economy.


·         A survey of the packed room found that 64% expected 2012 to be more successful than 2011.

·         Phil was also optimistic about Europe’s economic situation – although doesn’t expect an overnight improvement he does expect the next decade to be much better positioned.

·         ‘Mega-Asia’ is booming! India’s economy will soon take over Japan.

·         There is massive growth all over Asia especially in China and even smaller economies like Laos.


Phil also revealed that the Australian tourism industry is now worth nearly $100 billion with the meetings industry making up almost $20 billion of this.