winning is an inside job

winning is an inside job

“To win, you have to be transformed in the way you think, the way you act and most importantly in the performance you deliver as a result…” Carol Talbot

In this age of technology, no matter how brilliant you are or how high your IQ is, will you succeed? The answer is, not necessarily. So what makes the difference that makes the difference? Carol Talbot, Keynote Speaker at ibtm arabia establishes some of the key steps to being successful…

Evidence shows that those who can influence, think outside the box, create and deliver a vision for themselves and others, are today’s winners.

Competitions are won and lost in the mind which is why a positive mental focus is the key to success in leadership and in life. Given this, most of the work that goes into winning comes from within. By changing the inner thoughts and beliefs of the mind, we can influence change in the outer aspect of life.

Imagine how your life would change if you lived in an open state of belief that anything is possible.

Research shows that winners tap into their internal fire to recognise patterns of success. It is about what winners choose to do inside their head. Winners are aware that their thoughts create results.

The door to success can only be opened from the inside. Change your mind, maintain that change and create better results on the outside.


Guest Blogger, Carol Talbot, is an inspiration in the inspiration business. She is sought-after by organisations and individuals seeking a learning consultant, thought-partner, and keynote speaker ‘with a difference’. It is her uncanny, compelling ability to bring the edginess of systems such as NLP, and the fiery energy of Fire Walking to resonate with the ‘coal face’ of business and life that truly sets Carol alight, and apart, from others in the arena. Indeed, for more than two decades, she has stepped out to help fire out creativity and greatness within individuals and teams worldwide, by engaging them with her wise words and compelling delivery; one-on-one or to an audience of 1000's, when Carol speaks, people listen.

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