AIME Knowledge Seminar - Effective Communication

  • Speaker: Nigel Collin, Founder and CEO, Thinkativity

    In today's world, where we are constantly bombarded with sales pitches, meetings and one-on-one conversations, more than ever before it's our ability to truly connect with people, that drives profitable growth.

    Building profitable relationships with your event partners and customers requires highly effective communication. Simply going through the motions is not enough, you need to know how to connect.

    Clients, sponsors, suppliers, delegates, customers, we are all PEOPLE seeking CONNECTION. And that equates to positive business outcomes.

    In this AIME Knowledge Seminar, proudly brought to you by Meetings & Events Australia (MEA), we'll explore practical strategies for:

    • Fostering the open exchange of ideas
    • Listening and truly understanding the other side
    • Thinking on your feet when communicating
    • Making genuine connections that lead to real business results

    We see through facades, so when it comes to your communication, this seminar will challenge you to GET REAL!