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  • Are you looking for new ways to innovate and engage your audience?

    ibtm knowledge week will showcase a range of tools insights and frameworks of how you can use innovative design aspects to make impactful journeys for your audience in interactive and fun ways.  

  • what's coming up...

    exploring meeting formats: the course of meetings design

    This session will help you create and apply techniques or design meeting formats. As a group you will carry out a very fun and active session and take part in the 'move the chair' workshop!


    ingredients of an impactful conference

    You probably love TED presentations... so why not use their principles to design your event? Here's the latest insights from Rosa Garriga who addresses the key ingredients for an impactful conference...

  • innovation in meetings design: part of the FRESH Track

    Designing more interactive and effective meetings and events depends on how sessions and functions are designed. In this video you will get a presentation, demos and actual experiences of innovative tools, ideas and techniques for increasing meeting effectiveness for every new challenge.


    designing guest-centred events

    How do you ensure positive guest experience, brand alignment and business objectives are achieved? Learn the power of a single word and how it can define your event and experience journey-mapping and guest-centered design and how to apply it.


  • neuromarketing in the events industry

    With a passion to get more in touch with your customers, Wenda Kielstra, CEO of Consumatics, shares her experiences with you. Wenda will show you how neuromarketing and subconscious behaviour can be applied in the hospitality and events industry in a clear, down-to-earth and fact based session.



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