AIME Knowledge Seminar - Let's Face it

  • Presenters: David Jamilly, Director, Theme Traders, Jennifer Trethewey, Managing Director, The JT Group

    Have you ever wondered how a competitor or colleague can possibly provide a conference or event management service at what appears to be a very cheap price?

    This session explored the various business models used by PCOs in calculating and presenting management fees, specifically:

    • The various methods used by PCOs in proposing a management fee
    • How much is the client actually paying for the services provided?
    • Advantages and disadvantages of the different PCO/Client relationships
    • How are the different models reflected in client contracts?
    • How are the different models reflected in event budgets?
    • How many hours are actually required to successfully manage the various compenents of an event?
    • What are the dangers of mis-presentation?