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  • These videos include sessions from key international speakers, from the events industry and beyond, focusing on crisis communication, achieving success, reducing stress, and much, much more.

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  • NEW JOB: NEW VISION | IBTM Meets: Sven Bossu

    How is the new CEO at the International Association of Convention Centres looking to the future? Shane Hannam, IBTM Events' Portfolio Director, is joined this week by none other than the new CEO at IAPC, Sven Bossu, and they discuss all aspects of Sven's new role, his journey through the events industry, and his ideas for the future.

    LONDON CALLING | IBTM Meets: Tracy Halliwell, MBE

    Shane Hannam, Portfolio Director of IBTM Events, sat down with Tracy Halliwell, MBE, the Director of Tourism, Conventions and Major Events for London & Partners, to discuss her life, her work and the events industry.


    Shane Hannam talks to Neil Brownlee, Head of Business Events at VisitScotland, to discover more about the destination's unique and successful policy-driven model, as well as an insight into Neil's own experiences in the events industry and his predictions for the future.

  • Webinars

  • 8 Key Considerations to Create Engaging Virtual and Hybrid Event Experiences

    All the creativity that meeting planners bring to face-to-face meetings and events can be repackaged in a virtual environment, albeit, in different ways. So how can you move your physical meeting or event to a digital version?

    5 social strategies to maintain relationships with your audience during Covid-19

    During this time it's important to keep connected with those around you. In this webinar, w'll discuss the 5 biggest social strategies you need to maintain a relationship with your audience.

    Airlines in Crisis: What is the Prognosis for the Aftermath of Covid-19

    John Strickland, JLS Consulting Director and WTM aviation expert, provides an insight into the challenges that the aviation industry currently faces. Harnessing 37 years of experience, he will cover all aspects of the industry and provide suggestions for airports, low-cost airlines, legacy carriers and more.

    WTM Global Hub. (2020). https://hub.wtm.com/airlines-in-crisis-what-is-the-prognosis-for-the-aftermath-of-covid-19/ [Video].

    Speaker: John Strickland

  • How to run successful and profitable virtual events

    Join this session for a live Q&A with the ‘world’s leading virtual summit expert’ Navid Moazzez, who will be answering all of your questions on how to run successful and profitable online events.

    MICE-Crisis Communications and post-COVID-19

    The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has had an immense impact on the MICE industry and the entire world. As well as dealing with practical issues, venues and organisers have had to work out what to say, and when, to their teams, stakeholders, suppliers and the public as the crisis unfolded, with news changing day by day. MICE- crisis management can support you in rethinking your strategies and helping to prevent future crisis situations. Crisis Management is a great tool to find effective solutions and create new ideas.

    What can you do to improve your mental health at work, rest and play

    This session will look at steps you can take to improve your mental health in lockdown and beyond. We will be discussing the 4 pillars of wellbeing – Mental, Physical, Spiritual & Emotional how they work for you as an individual and in the work place, breaking the myths around workplace wellbeing in the events industry (including in lockdown!).

  • Listen up: virtual events are here to stay

    We have been talking about digital and virtual events for more than a decade. They aren’t a nice-to-have anymore, they've become must-have. Hear from Stefania and Dahlia and discover how to start thinking about virtual experiences, how to switch your content strategy, and make your next virtual event a buzz-worthy experience.

    How to Cope During Times of Unprecedented Change with Gary Bradt

    As a global community, we are going through a time of unprecedented change and disruption. Together, we will get through it. This webinar will give you tips on how.

  • IBTM World Speakers

  • What is the future of the events industry?

    Fiona Pelham, the CEO of Positive Impact Events, speaks about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how the events industry can seize the opportunities they present.

    Stress Prevention & Wellbeing

    James Hitchen delivers a session on identifying stress responses and provides methods to reduce stress and improve your wellbeing, thanks to his experience as a wellbeing campaigner.

    Achieving Success in a Crisis

    The British cave diver who successfully helped rescue the Thai football team in Tham Luang in 2018, John Volanthan, delivered a session on how to achieve success in a crisis situation, supported by anecdotes from his experiences.

  • Safety and Security in the MICE industry

    David DuBois and Karen Gonzales from IAEE use real life scenarios from 2019 to demonstrate safety and security best practices for the MICE industry in this session from IBTM World 2019.

    Building Resilience: Managing External Pressure & Internal Stress

    Helen Moon delivered a session at IBTM World 2019 to teach listeners how to adapt to internal and external pressures, including how to differentiate between pressure and stress and some key tips to help with both.